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ShapeWriter - iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad Typing Without Lifting Your Finger

ShapeWriter - iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad Typing Without Lifting Your Finger: "

Icon for ShapeWriterShapeWriter lets you write on the iPhone and iPod Touch by tracing your finger over the keys you want on the keyboard, and using smart prediction to do the rest. It also features automatic spacing and capitalisation, and the ability to add new words and acronyms just by typing them once. It’s difficult to explain the technique in words, so I suggest you watch this video:

ShapeWriter comes in three versions in the iTunes App Store, all compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

ShapeWriter is free and features:

  • Basic note taking using ShapeWrite gesture keyboard

  • Automatic spacing and capitalisation

  • Case key for cycling through all possible capitalisation cases

  • Highlight/selection by double tap or sliding over text

  • Command strokes (e.g. Cmd-c-o-p for copy)

  • Automatic correction of common misspellings

  • Support for English input only

  • Practice game and competitive scoreboard posting

ShapeWriter Lite costs US$2.99 and also features:

  • Use ShapeWriter for sending and replying to email

  • Backup all notes via email

  • Rearrange notes order manually

ShapeWriter Pro costs US$7.99 and features all of the above plus:

  • Landscape mode and orientation lock

  • Sorting notes in any order (by date, title)

  • Background grid on/off switch

  • Customisable fonts

  • Customisable notes colours

  • Notes password protection

  • Notes content search

  • SMS texting support (on iPhone only)

  • Support for French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Swedish inputs

You can upgrade from one version to another using in-app purchases to save cost, if you already have one of the paid versions.

ShapeWriter is also available for Android, Windows Mobile, and Tablet PC devices.

Website: ShapeWriter

- Ricky Buchanan

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