Monday, August 27, 2012

Heathrow Airport Improves Accessibility for Disabled Passengers

Heathrow on August 22 announced a package of permanent accessibility improvements for passengers with mobility disabilities as it welcomed 2,100 Paralympic athletes.

The airport said the Paralympics would pose a “different operational challenge”, one of complexity rather than volume, with some flights having a far higher numbers of passengers with mobility and vision disabilities.

The charity, Whizz-Kidz, has audited Heathrow’s terminal facilities and suggested a number of improvements. Heathrow has increased the number of specialist lifts used to help passengers board aircraft.

The airport now has 13 scissor lifts and is installing 100 new ramps to help load and unload wheelchairs.
BAA has upgraded its fleet of buggies for transporting passengers with mobility disabilities through the airport to a total of 60 vehicles

Other improvements include an onsite wheelchair repair service and new accessible toilets.
The new facilities and staff training are part of BAA’s $30 million investment in the London 2012 Games.

Big Launcher Helps Make Android Easier for People with Visual Impairment

The Big Launcher App is a fast and simple Android home screen for people who are blind and low vision.

Big launcher Android AppThe app replaces manufacturer’s small and sophisticated default interfaces, and features large icons, large fonts and uncluttered options.

Access all the basic functions of the phone via a simple interface, where no one can get lost. Large texts and color icons help user to easily distinguish important items.

There are three different color schemes available, as well as three font sizes and whole interface can be controlled by hardware cursors and everything is read by Talkback.

BIG Launcher is available in 34 languages and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Watch the video below showing the app in action.

Source: GAATES