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ReadHear DAISY Talking Book Player

ReadHear DAISY Talking Book Player: "

This DAISY player includes text highlighting, not currently available in the free Olearia player and also reads more formats than Olearia can.

The new features come at a steep price though: ReadHear Mac does have a 30 day trial version available, but at US$119 the cost may be more than most users are willing (or able) to pay.

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ReadHear™ Mac

ReadHear™ Mac is the first ever fully-featured Digital Talking Book player for the Mac! The great accessibility features available in the gh PLAYER™ are no longer limited to the PC. ReadHear Mac provides excellent benefits to those who enjoy and appreciate learning and listening to all types of books, articles, and documents.

ReadHear Mac window

  • Support for MathML, NIMAS 1.1., & DAISY/

    NISO 2005.
    ReadHear Mac is the first DAISY DTB

    player that supports all updated specifications on

    the Macintosh.

  • Bookshare, RFB&D AudioPlus, Educational

    Publishers, e-Pub, & DRM Supported soon!

Keyboard shortcuts can be used for

quicker access to menu items and

functions. Text highlighting is also

used to help the reader follow along

as the book is being read. The Library

feature organizes and stores all of your

books for future use and will even find

books that are already on your Mac.

Use the Sidebar to quickly jump to

parts of a book by selecting Headings,

Pages, Bookmarks, and Search.

Additional audio navigation methods

include: heading, page, sentence,

and word mode. Add a bookmark

whenever you like in the book and

include your own additional notes.

Features of ReadHear™ Mac

ReadHear Mac automatically checks

for updates to ensure you always have

the most up-to-date version. Once a

book is opened, playback automatically

starts. You can then choose to pause,

go forward, go backwards, or repeat

content. ReadHear Mac uses the

voices that come standard with

your Macintosh. Built-in spelling

and dictionary features augment

your reading and comprehension

experience.Additionally, ReadHear

Mac has been well-tested for use with



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