Thursday, September 6, 2012

Indian Students Design "Intelligent Wheelchair"

Imagine a wheelchair that moves on your instruction or through the movements of eyes. People with mobility disabilities will be able to move freely if the ‘Intelligent Wheelchair’ conceived by a group of engineering students in Kerala becomes technically feasible.

This is among six innovative projects selected for further development after a unique, first ever talent hunt jointly held by Startup Village, India’s first telecom incubator, and the Kerala Chapter of IEEE Communication Society.
Conceived by five students of Sahrdaya College of Engineering Technology, Kodakara in Thrissur, the ‘Intelligent Wheelchair’ can be operated through eye movements, voice or a lever so that people with physical disabilities can operate it. Sensors to detect hazards, SMS alerts to get connected with the patient and a device to monitor physiological conditions and inform the doctor are other smart options.

‘Smartmotive’, a standing wheelchair that helps a paralyzed person to stand up, SMS Vehicle Locating Solution’, which will save passengers from the ordeal of endless waiting to hire a taxi or auto rickshaw, Project Haritha, a hybrid automated remote irrigation technique for agriculture are among other projects selected in the talent hunt.

Source: GAATES