Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Google aids accessibility with ChromeVox reader, better YouTube captions and more

Google's new accessibility features
Engineers from Google have commandeered a booth at this year's CSUN accessibility conference and they're keen to talk up their latest efforts. For the visually impaired, there's now a beta version of a Chrome screen reader called ChromeVox (demo'd after the break), plus improved shortcuts and screen reader support in Google Docs, Sites and Calendar. Meanwhile, YouTube boasts expanded caption support for the hard of hearing, with automatic captions enabled for 135 million video clips -- a healthy tripling of last year's total. Check the source link for full details or, if you're anywhere near San Diego, go and hassle those engineers the old-fashioned way.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

BrailleTouch brings 'eyes-free' texting to the visually impaired


Georgia Tech is developing a mobile app to help the visually impaired type on their phones. Called BrailleTouch, the open-source app features a six-button set-up — with three buttons on either side of the screen — and the device is held with the screen facing away from you. Written Braille characters use a six-dot code for the English alphabet, with different combinations of dots corresponding to each of the 26 letters (and various symbols). BrailleTouch will read out the letters as you type, and early research shows that users have been able to type at speeds of up to 32 words per minute while maintaining 92 percent accuracy. In addition to aiding the visually impaired, the team behind BrailleTouch is also looking at turning the...

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