Friday, July 13, 2012

Smartphone for Visually-Impaired Released in Europe

Georgie, a smartphone app designed for people who are blind and low vision has been launched. The app can be installed and run on an Android device.

Georgie, a smartphone designed for people who are blind.
Georgie, a smartphone designed for people who are blind.
Georgie was developed by a blind husband and wife team, Roger and Margaret Wilson-Hinds, who are based in the UK.

The name Georgie was kept after Mrs Wilson-Hinds first guide dog. The couple run a not-for-profit social enterprise Screenreader.

The smartphone has a voice-assisted touchscreen and a special variety of apps designed to assist people who are blind or low vision to complete tasks such as finding a location, reading text, and travel timetables.

A variety of additional apps are also available for purchase in three packages; Travel, Lifestyle or Communicate.  These bundles are available for £24.99 each and include a range of additional features.

Georgie can be easily installed in an Android device like Saumsung handsets like Galaxy Ace 2.

“I was able to send my very first text just earlier this year thanks to Georgie,” said Screenreader co-founder Roger Wilson-Hinds. “It’s exactly that type of digital experience we want to make easily available to people with little or no sight. More than that though, it’s also going to help solve every day problems for people who are blind or low vision so they can be more confident about navigating the real world and become more independent.” he said.

The smartphone will be sold by a not-for-profit company called Screenreader  and is distributed by a company called Sight and Sound Technology, a company which provides hardware and software to people who are blind or low vision. The device will retail for around $460.

Source: GAATES