Monday, October 22, 2012

Winnipeg Announces 2012 Accessibility Awards

 On October 16, Mayor Sam Katz presented five deserving organizations with the City of Winnipeg’s 2012 Accessibility Awards. The awards demonstrate the diversity of spaces in Winnipeg that are accessible for all citizens.

The following organizations received accessibility awards:
  • Parks Canada and Variety the Children’s Charity for the Adventure Playground at the Forks
  • The University of Winnipeg for the Richardson Environment and Science Complex
  • Manitoba Centennial Centre for the Steinkopf Gardens
  • The Province of Manitoba for the Province of Manitoba Birthing Centre
  • The Winnipeg Airport Authority for the James Richardson International Airport (Honourable Mention)
In addition, University of Manitoba Professor Kelly Beaverford and the City of Winnipeg Public Works Department received special recognition awards.

“The accessibility awards are an excellent way for us to take note of the real progress our city is making in terms of accessibility and inclusive design,” said Mayor Katz. “As Mayor, I am proud to see organizations and individuals ensuring that Winnipeg is a city of opportunity for people of all abilities.”
The City of Winnipeg Access Advisory Committee makes the selections for the annual awards.
“Today, we will reflect on ‘Universal Design’ from an international perspective,” said committee chair Councillor Ross Eadie.

“The committee conducted site tours and came away impressed,” said committee coordinator, Chris Sobkowicz. “The Richardson Environment and Science Complex, for example, used colour to identify different floor levels, placed tactile indicator strips at all stair locations, and provided colour identifiable and fully accessible washrooms on each floor and other features. University of Winnipeg planners and Number Ten Architectural Group should be very proud of a job well done.”

Source: GAATES