Friday, September 14, 2012

Manitoba Releases Proposed Accessibility Legislation to Remove Accessibility Barriers

Manitoba’s new Accessibility Advisory Council has delivered its initial recommendations for legislation and standards that would help identify, remove and prevent barriers faced by people with disabilities, Family Services and Labour Minister Jennifer Howard, minister responsible for persons with disabilities.

“This in an important milestone in our work to ensuring better accessibility for all Manitobans,” said Howard.  “I’m very pleased to receive the report and encourage everyone to participate in the creation of provincewide accessibility legislation by reviewing it as well and providing feedback.”

In creating the recommendations, the advisory council met regularly starting in November 2011 and held consultations with people with disabilities and organizations that may be affected by the recommendations.  This included employers and businesses as well as representatives from Manitoba municipalities.

The council, made up of representatives from the disability community and other stakeholders, has submitted recommendations calling for:
  • a process to develop clear, specific and achievable goals;
  • accessibility standards for both the private and public sectors;
  • a central role in the development of legislation for people with disabilities and other stakeholders affected by the legislation, such as businesses and municipalities;
  • no affect in any way on guarantees contained in human rights codes; and
  • regular reviews of progress made.
 more inclusive province for all Manitobans,” said Jim Derksen, chair of the Accessibility Advisory Council.
“We would like to acknowledge this important opportunity to shape the future of accessibility in Manitoba and add that the council has worked collectively, with the community, to provide recommendations we believe will deliver legislation creating greater accessibility and a

The minister is inviting the public to provide comments on the report until Oct. 21.

The report can be viewed or downloaded at the Disabilities Issues Office website, and comments can be forwarded to  For other formats, contact the Disabilities Issues Office at 204-945-7613.

Source: GAATES