Friday, April 20, 2012

AppleVis Provides Resources for Blind Apple Users

AppleVis: For vision impaired iOS users
AppleVis is a website by and for blind and vision-impaired users of Apple devices, primarily iOS device users but including some resources for Mac OS X users. The focus is on VoiceOver users but there are some resources for other blind users who use zooming to access devices too.
A community-powered website for blind and vision-impaired users of Apple devices.
  • Seek and share information on the accessibility of apps developed for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and the Mac.
  • Read and share guides, tutorials and tips to help VoiceOver users get the most from their Apple devices.
AppleVis is a site which provides many resources, including:
  • Directories of iOS and Mac applications with community-provided descriptions and thorough VoiceOver compatibility information for each program. Applications recommended as highly usable by blind users are also collected together in “Recommended App” lists.
  • A forum for discussing issues related to accessibility for Apple users.
  • AppleVis blog which highlights news of special interest and editor opinions.
  • Podcasts with walk-through style tutorials and reviews.
  • Guides section offers text tutorials
  • Reviews of accessibilities
Lots of stuff! Most is fairly high quality too, the moderators must work overtime there. This site is highly recommended for those interested in resources for vision-impaired Apple users.
Website: AppleVis
- Ricky Buchanan
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